10 Globally-Inspired Marinade Recipes for Grilling Season

Don’t get stuck in a rut of using the same marinades over and over again! Just in time for grilling season, here are 10 globally-inspired marinade recipes.  

Marinades are essential for tenderizing cuts of beef such as flank, skirt, kabobs while infusing your steaks with loads of flavor. Just marinate your steak for a few hours or overnight and the work is done for you. You can also marinate tender cuts like sirloin, but only for 30 minutes to 2 hours for flavor.

Many of us Beef Loving Texans have our go-to marinade recipe, but why not expand your horizons with flavors from around the globe. Afterall, Texas cuisine is influenced by flavors from all over the world.

Fire up the grill, and try one of our game-changing marinade recipes to take your steak to the next level.

1. Carne Asada

This carne asada is full of authentic Mexican flavors.

2. Caribbean Flank Steak with Coconut Rice 

Transport yourself to the Caribbean with this island-inspired marinade.

3. Sesame Soy Marinade This Asian-inspired marinade with soy sauce will give your steaks a burst of umami flavor.

4. Indian Beef Flank Steak and Rice 

Marinate your steak with vibrant Indian-inspired flavors and tangy yogurt with this easy recipe.

5. Korean Beef Ssam Lettuce Wraps

Have delicious Korean BBQ at home with these flavor-packed Beef Ssam Lettuce Wraps.

6. Cowboy Marinade & BBQ Sauce

Bring out your inner cowboy with this BBQ-style marinade.

7. Argentinean Steak Marinade 

This spicy Argentinian-inspired marinade packs in flavor with only 4 ingredients.

8. Tequila & Lime Marinated Flank Steak

Infuse your steak with the flavors of tequila, lime, and savory spices.

9. Zesty Moroccan Grilled Beef and Eggplant

Get a taste of Morocco with this zesty spice-filled marinade.   

10. Lime-Marinated Flank Steak with Stuffed Poblano Peppers 

Throw poblano peppers on the grill with your steak and you’ve got the perfect southwestern-inspired meal.


What is your favorite marinade? Tell us in the comments below!