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We recognize the important role that health professionals and nutrition educators play in empowering Texans to live healthier lives. Texas Beef Council is committed to supporting you as a health professional, from providing evidence-based educational experiences and complimentary patient materials to showcasing delicious, satisfying recipes for balanced dietary patterns.

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Beef Nutrition Facts

Raw Truth About Beef

The Raw Truth About Beef is a digital, behind-the-scenes look at the beef industry exploring every step of the beef production process from pasture to plate. As a health professional, you will experience the beef industry through the eyes of Stacey Mattinson, MS, RDN, LD. Learning about how your food is raised will help you confidently and accurately share information about beef production, labeling claims, and the nutritional value of beef.

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Beef It’s What’s for Dinner Resources

Research and clinical studies have shown the various benefits to consuming lean beef and how it plays an important role in a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle. Learn more about the research and studies behind beef’s nutritional qualities

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