Egg-in-the-Hole Breakfast Burger

Set your morning alarm to burger o’ clock! This recipe for Egg-In-A-Hole Breakfast Burger is well worth waking up before dawn and will fill you up with sustaining energy to tackle even the toughest days.

You may have seen a fried egg plopped ATOP a burger (snore), but have you seen an egg cooked in the MIDDLE of a burger?! This epic union of burger and egg truly is a dream come true for beef lovers and hands-down beats any of those greasy, rubbery breakfast sandwiches from the drive thru.

And, let there be no guilt about eating a burger for breakfast, this Egg-In-A-Hole Breakfast Burger adds protein to the start of your day. Include a piece of fruit on the side for a well-rounded, colorful morning meal.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves. The making of an Egg-In-A-Hole Breakfast Burger is way less daunting than it may seem. In fact, this beef breakfast sandwich can be made to order in less than 15 minutes. The first important task is shaping the ground beef into three approximate 5” diameter patties, ½” thick and cutting out the centers with an inverted drinking glass or biscuit cutter. You may be wondering why only three patties, when the recipe yield is four breakfast burgers. Waste not, want not, those leftover circles are used to shape the fourth donut-shaped patty.

After the patties are given a sear on one side, they are carefully flipped. This is where you get cracking and gently add an egg to the center opening. For the picture-perfect egg yolk, separate the yolk from the egg white before filling the burger — this keeps any of the whites from covering up the yellow. However, this is not a required step, it all tastes the same regardless of method. Keep cooking the burger until whites are solid, some may be running out under the burger and that is fine. Solid egg yolk fans (like myself) should just keep on cooking until set and if it’s taking too long, set under the broiler for a minute to finish off. Sandwich between a toasted, whole grain English muffin and dig in!

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