4 Beef Jerky Snacks with Protein to Fuel your Day

If snacking is your thing (and studies show that it is) make your snacking count by adding a snack packed with  protein, such as beef jerky. 

A protein-packed snack, such as beef jerky, is just as beneficial as it is delicious! Just one serving of this homemade jerky contains 12.5 g of protein! Eating protein throughout the day gives your body a steady supply of energy and helps you to feel fuller for longer and supports strong and lean bodies. Protein pushes your snacking to the next level by fueling your weekend activities like hiking, biking, or going on a roadtrip across Texas. You don’t have to choose between tasty and balanced with these 4 beef jerky snacks with protein.

Power up your snacking and try out these yummy, protein-tastic snacks!

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Beef Jerky Trail Mix

With only four ingredients and just one preparation step, this beefed up recipe is as easy as they come. Simply mix and enjoy! 

Beef Jerky Granola Bars

Don’t let a busy schedule keep you hungry. These beef jerky granola bars are perfect for grabbing and eating on the go!

Easy Homemade Beef Jerky

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Peanut Butter, Chocolate-Hazelnut and Chocolate Chip Beef Jerky Cookies

Sweet and salty. Need we say more?