8 Nostalgic Beef Recipes to Transport You to Childhood

What is more comforting than enjoying a meal that takes you back to simpler times? Before the bills, the messes, and the responsibilities, there were those yummy classics that someone else cooked for you!

So let’s create a list of those suppertime favorites that make us feel like a kid again.

Cheeseburger Mac

This Cheeseburger Mac is so easy and with only 5 ingredients, you’ll be eating dinner before you know it. Bonus, your kids will love it so much, they’ll ask for it!

Classic Beef Sloppy Joes

Does it get any better than Sloppy Joes? No! No, it does not. This simple classic will be a family favorite in no time. Pair it with some coleslaw and roasted potatoes for a balanced meal.

Cheese Burger Pizza

It’s a pizza! It’s a cheeseburger! It’s the best thing about adulting – not making a decision and just going with both! This unique recipe spin will be so memorable, your kids will make it for their kids one day. 

Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatballs have to be one of the most popular nostalgic meals. This is the recipe your kids will request when they come home from college. 

Hearty Shephards Pot Roast Pie

It’s the perfect marriage – mashed potatoes and pot roast. They never argue. They compliment each other endlessly. They only bring out the best in one another. They must be on your dinner table tonight. 

Airfryer Cheese Steak Taquitos

The afterschool snack that created afterschool snacks. The taquito is a classic for a reason. Handheld, easy, and delicious and they hold up well in the freezer for a fast solution to the afternoon grumbles!



This meatloaf is what childhood dreams are made of. Pair it with a green veggie or salad for the most delightful supper solution. 

Classic Pot Roast

Sunday Pot Roast is a childhood staple. This pot roast is so easy you can enjoy it any night of the week. And don’t forget the power of leftovers to make life a little easier.

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