Favorite Fall Recipes

It’s fall, y’all!

It might still be warm in Texas, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start celebrating. You can’t blame us for getting excited for less-than-100-degree weather, Friday night football games and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.

But let’s be honest, we can’t get too wound up in the mystique of fall and forget about the most important part: the food. There’s nothing like fixing a nice pot of soup when the air starts getting crisp and cool, or eating your first Frito Pie of the season under the Friday night lights. Whatever fall food calls your name, here are 7 go-to beef recipes that’ll put you in the fall spirit!

1. Beef Fajita Soup

Serve yourself up a steaming bowl of comfort.

Beef Fajita Soup

This soup can be whipped up in 30 minutes or less and is sure to satisfy cool-weather cravings Get the recipe. 

2. Texas-Style Chili

Because is it really fall until you eat your first bowl of chili? Nope.

Texas Style Chili

Texans like their chili a certain way, and aren’t afraid to tell ya. Our Texas-style recipe is sure to capture the hearts around your table. Get the recipe.

3. Meatloaf

Food is better with family, and nothing brings the family together like meatloaf.


This recipe actually comes from the Burns family of Mason, Texas. Read their story here.

4. Taco Shepherd’s Pie

Everything’s better topped with mashed potatoes.

Taco Shepherds Pie

This classic recipe has a Lone Star-approved twist that’s perfect for fall weather. Get the recipe.

5. Chicken Fried Steak

Keep it classic with this family favorite.


This recipe comes from Saline Locke of Hungerford, Texas and hasn’t changed since her O-ma made it. Read her story here.

6. Southwestern Beef & Sweet Potato Pie

You can’t go wrong with anything in a flaky, golden crust.

Southwestern Beef and Sweet Potato Pie

This feel-good recipe combines Tex-Mex flavors with sweet potato. Get the recipe.

7. Beef & Sweet Potato Empanadas

Move over, Halloween candy.

Beef and Sweet Potato Empanadas

These hand-held pies will have you and the kids craving savory treats instead. Get the recipe.

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