7 Burgers to Enjoy This Summer

Celebrating National Burger Month has never tasted so good!

We’re bringing you some of our favorite burger recipes that are bound to please any crowd. The only problem is you might have to make multiple batches, because they won’t last long! Fire up the grill, pour yourself a cold beverage and let the tastiness begin!

1. Carolina Barbecue Burger


Don’t let the name fool ya! Mix BBQ with a burger, and you’ll have any Texan’s dream. Get the recipe.

2. Western Burger


Fresh with a Texan kick of jalapeno. These bad boys only require 20 minutes of prep, so more time to enjoy! Get the recipe.

3. Classic Ranch Burger


Let’s face it, we couldn’t name it a classic “Texan” burger without some ranch. Get the recipe.

4. Bistro Cheeseburger


Believe it or not, you can find quality hamburger buns in most grocery store bakeries! Bring the restaurant into your own kitchen. Get the recipe.

5. Sweet Hawaiian Mini Sliders


Say “Aloha” to the most flavor-packed little sliders you’ve ever seen. These burgers will be savory, sweet and GONE! Get the recipe.

6. Zesty BBQ Cheeseburger


We can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Burger AND Barbecue Month. Can you? Get the recipe. 

7. Southwest Cheeseburger


This cheeseburger has just the right amount of Tex-Mex flavor! Get the recipe.