Tag: Leftovers

Texas Chili 5 Ways

Cold, well. . . cooler, weather is FINALLY here in Texas. And with it comes busy schedules and preparing for the holidays. A lot of cooking happens this time of year, and we’re the first ones to admit that taking shortcuts wherever possible is totally acceptable. Slow cooker recipes are not only delicious and heart-warming,…

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5 Creative (and easy) Ways to Use Meat Sauce

Ground beef is the king of weeknight dinners. It’s affordable, versatile and can be purchased in different lean-to-fat ratios. 95 percent lean ground beef actually meets government guidelines for lean, which makes it very nutritious and perfect for recipes where you can’t drain off drippings. Needless to say, meat sauce is pretty much pasta’s soul…

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Turn Leftover Labor Day Brisket Into Breakfast

September is here! And with it comes back-to-school season and hurried schedules. Store shelves are somehow already stocked with pumpkins and Halloween candy, and it’s easier than ever to get into the fall spirit. But us Texans know all too well that the warmer weather sticks around until mid-October. This is probably why we took…

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