5 Creative (and easy) Ways to Use Meat Sauce

Ground beef is the king of weeknight dinners.

It’s affordable, versatile and can be purchased in different lean-to-fat ratios. 95 percent lean ground beef actually meets government guidelines for lean, which makes it very nutritious and perfect for recipes where you can’t drain off drippings. Needless to say, meat sauce is pretty much pasta’s soul mate. Spaghetti is a great solution on busy weeknights. because it’s fast, the family loves it and you’re almost guaranteed several days-worth of leftovers.

Don’t get us wrong, we sure aren’t pasta-haters around here! But one can only eat spaghetti so many times before getting tired of it and almost swearing it off forever. Luckily meat sauce goes great with many other foods, some traditional and others you’ve probably never thought about.

Our new Farm Fresh Meat Sauce (recipe also below) adds delicious and savory flavor to low-carb meals or classic family favorites that need a twist. Since our recipe makes 8 servings of sauce, you can even use half for your go-to pasta and the other to step outside your comfort zone and try something new! Just put leftover sauce in a resealable bag and throw in the freezer for future meals. This sauce is also perfect for sneaking in extra vegetables like carrots and zucchini. Picky eaters won’t even know what hit them.

We’ve rounded up 5 quick and healthy dishes that turn into memorable meals with meat sauce. Get to browning, y’all!

Spaghetti Squash


After a good roast in the oven, spaghetti squash cooks up just like noodles! All that’s left is topping with delicious meat sauce. It’s a great way to fool the family into eating more veggies, which is always a good thing. Get the recipe.



This lasagna features fresh arugula, spinach, ricotta cheese and egg whites. Our nutritious version of the family favorite is still big on flavor, and is the perfect opportunity to use leftover meat sauce from the week before! Get the recipe.



Ok… who doesn’t love pizza?? Additional toppings can be switched out, but this pizza is really for the “meat lovers” out there. Chunky meat sauce can replace regular ground beef and marinara sauce in this recipe!

Stuffed Shells

5273.00 Beefy Italian Stuffed Shells

These jumbo pasta shells are stuffed with pot roast of brisket, but you can easily use a cheese-only filling and top with meat sauce! Get the recipe.

Saucy Skillet

Saucy Skillet

Feelin’ saucy? There’s almost nothing easier than a skillet meal with ground beef. Not only does a skillet meal usually only require one dish (a skillet), it’s almost always guaranteed to be quick and simple! Imagine if you already had the meat sauce! Get the recipe.