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Category: Nutrition & Health

Benefits of Beef for Older Adults

As a society, we now understand that the evolution of medicine, access to public healthcare, and an increased focus on healthy lifestyles, are great avenues that allow us to improve the length and the quality of our life. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines healthy aging as developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables…

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The Nuts and Beef of a Mediterranean Dietary Pattern

By: Hawley Poinsett, MS, RDN, LD Consuming a Mediterranean-style eating pattern is consistently associated with a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease.1 US News and World Report annual ratings2, American Heart Association3, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics4 and countless other health organizations refer to the Mediterranean Diet as one of the healthiest choices for individuals…

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Positive Impact of Beef to Support Muscle Gain

As a healthcare practitioner, it can be helpful to have simple nutrition tips that can be shared with patients to support building and maintaining lean muscle mass.  Let’s take a look at the role of protein for building muscle. Then we will examine the nutrient composition of beef and explore how lean cuts of beef…

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