Leftover Brisket Meals in 30 Minutes

What do you do when you have a big beef brisket and a bunch of kale? You jump up in the air and click your boot heels together to celebrate that the next three meals are practically all but taken care of! Today, I’m sharing two easy 30-minute (or less) recipes, one for breakfast and one for lunch, that you can make with brisket leftover from the night before. All you need is a heap of kale (it’s cheap and good for you) and some other simple ingredients to whip up my Brisket, Corn & Kale Salad and Sweet Potato & Kale Frittata.


But first, let’s talk about that brisket. My go-to recipe is Oven Texas BBQ Beef Brisket, it’s a no-brainer that just simmers up into delicious, meaty heaven right there in your kitchen — no smoker, no grill, no slow-cooker. But these are all mighty fine ways to cook a brisket, it’s just personal preference. Some days my preference is to hoof it down to a barbeque joint to pick up the pit masters best and pass it off as my own.

I usually have to cut my teen boys off on their dinner brisket consumption. They’d each eat a pound or more if I let them — but I need the leftovers for my recipes! Let’s start with the Brisket, Corn & Kale Salad, it’s a winner that you can easily meal prep ahead for lunch or dinner. Unlike lettuce which goes limp, kale tastes just fine, if not better, after it’s had time to sit around and soften up in dressing.  That means this beef salad is ideal to take to school or work in a jar!

The only cooking required here is to roast a few ears of corn on the grill, but even that’s not a requirement — a thawed out bag of frozen corn can be tossed with olive oil and roasted quickly in the oven. Tart dried cherries or cranberries add a pop of flavor and the salad is dressed in creamy yet healthy dressing made mostly from no-fat Greek yogurt and barbeque sauce.

For breakfast, get a hearty, healthy start with my Brisket, Sweet Potato & Kale Frittata — it’s so much more interesting and colorful than bacon and scrambled eggs.  With no crust and no cheese, this easy egg recipe Paleo-diet friendly. I’ve spiralized my sweet potato because I am addicted to the nifty gadget on my Kitchen Aid mixer that makes them into pretty ribbons in seconds. However, diced, shredded, julienned or grated sweet potato works just as well.


Remnants of beef brisket are chopped up and sprinkled on the top. Leftover slices can be frozen and then reheated on crazy, busy mornings or evenings for a no-fuss feast!

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