Turn Leftover Labor Day Brisket Into Breakfast

September is here!

And with it comes back-to-school season and hurried schedules. Store shelves are somehow already stocked with pumpkins and Halloween candy, and it’s easier than ever to get into the fall spirit. But us Texans know all too well that the warmer weather sticks around until mid-October. This is probably why we took full advantage of Labor Day and our last big chance to break out the grill or smoker until next year!

Smoker Crop

Brisket on Smoker Crop

Hopefully you enjoyed a three-day weekend full of friends, family and good food. And when we say good food, we really mean barbecue. And when we say barbecue, we mean brisket. It’s a crowd-pleaser, doesn’t require much attention while cooking and feeds a ton of people. But as with most holiday meals, it comes with a lot of leftovers. Which are great… for a few days. Just when you think you’re sick of brisket (which is hard for any Texan to imagine), using it to make breakfast can be a great solution without wasting any delicious beef!

Brisket Tartine on Pan Crop

And in case you didn’t know, September is #BreakfastMonth! This is a great opportunity to focus on breakfast, get more protein in the morning and stay full. Research actually shows that spreading protein intake evenly throughout the day may be the most helpful for overall health. Learn more about how the Protein Challenge can help you make healthy lifestyle changes.

A great recipe to kick start your day with yummy leftovers is our Breakfast Brisket Tartine. Don’t let the fancy-sounding name fool you! A tartine is a French-inspired, open-faced sandwich normally topped with spreadable ingredients. It’s really quite simple, and we’ve Tex-ified it to perfectly satisfy taste buds here in the Lone Star State. Our version only calls for 6 ingredients, along with your leftover brisket, and takes less than 30 minutes to whip up. It also has around 45 grams of protein, meaning it will keep the “hangries” away until lunchtime!

Brisket Tartine Before Oven Crop

Most of the work is done after slicing a loaf of French bread, spreading cream cheese and layering brisket with sliced cheddar cheese. All that’s really left is toasting in the oven and topping with scrambled eggs. Something I would do differently after making this recipe is slicing my bread a little thinner. It makes it easier to munch down on, especially if you’re in a hurry!

Scrambled Eggs Crop

Now that you know brisket for breakfast is an actual thing (you’re welcome), you’ll never have the guilt of getting sick of the same ol’ brisket for days after the party ends. Try out the recipe below and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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