Family-friendly Beef Grilling Recipes for Memorial Day

For most Americans, Memorial Day weekend signifies the end of hectic school-year schedules and the start of laid-back summer days spent with family and close friends. A backyard cookout with great food and fun outdoor activities is a popular way to spend the holiday, especially in Texas! Memorial Day also allows loved ones to pay tribute to fallen U.S. military who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms today. It’s a significant day for multiple generations, young and old, to come together at the family table and honor past memories while creating new ones.

The benefits of eating together as a family are numerous. Some of the positive perks for children include healthier eating habits, fewer risky behaviors, improved communication skills and self-confidence. For parents, shared time at the table lets us slow down and become more mindfully engaged with our kids. A 2013 Harris poll reported that only 30 percent of American families share dinner every night due, in large part, to busy schedules. But the good news is a slower-paced, long weekend offers an opportunity to break bread together — and fire up the grill!

Check out these grilled beef recipes for Memorial Day that are family and budget friendly! With simple and easy-to-find ingredients lists, you’ll spend less time on shopping and meal prep and have more quality time available for loved ones.


Black Bean & Beef Burgers: These burgers are juicy, tasty, and perfect for the whole family! These burgers include a secret ingredient -black beans- for an extra boost of fiber! Kids can help prepare this bean and beef hamburger recipe by using a potato masher to smash the beans with the other ingredients as well as help shape the patties. Much more economical than eating out, these homemade black bean and beef burgers (with buns) cost approximately $1.50 each.

Smoked Brisket: Kids can help measure, mix together, and apply the rub of brown sugar and spices that coat the brisket. While a grown up takes care of the brisket smoking and slicing, children can be charged with setting the picnic table. A pre-cooked brisket purchased from your local grocer can be a convenient and budget-friendly option for a Memorial Day menu. Available in various sizes to serve both big and small families without waste, these fully-cooked briskets are ready to heat and serve, plus are often on-special this time of year.

Citrus Marinated Beef & Fruit Kabobs: Meat on a stick resonates with young and old alike. Skewer up fruit slices between the beef chunks to really sweeten the deal! Kids and teens will be lining up to prepare their own kabobs just as they like. Just watch out for the pointed skewer ends with smaller children! Set out extra portions of fruits and veggies and watch how the rainbow colors and fun format encourage healthier eating!

Campfire Steak & Potatoes Foil Pack: Whether roughing it in the wilderness or camp cooking on a grill in your own backyard, this simple yet satisfying beef dinner appeals to all ages and is budget-friendly, offers balanced nutrition, and has minimal clean up! Once ingredients are prepped, let children pack up the foil, seal up the sides tight, and use a permanent marker to write names or special requests on top.

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