5 Texan-approved BBQ Recipes

Low n’ slow is how we do it in here in Texas. Texas barbecue isn’t just a style of cooking — it’s a way of life. Whether it’s a tailgate, holiday, or even a casual Sunday cookout, Texas favorites like  Brisket or Beef Ribs are perfect for every occasion. Many of us are so dedicated to getting a taste of the best barbecue in Texas, we’ll even road-trip across the state to try the most sought-after joints.

As Texans know, barbecue traditions are rooted deeply in our state. Here, beef is king, sauce is served on the side (or for the purists, no sauce allowed), and a “barbecue” is not the same as grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, just to name a few.

The tastes and flavors of Texas BBQ vary depending on the region it comes from. In Central Texas, barbecue is all about the dry rub and post oak smoke, in East Texas, brisket is chopped rather than sliced, in West Texas barbecue is cooked “cowboy-style” over mesquite wood and in South Texas, Barbacoa is a barbecue staples.

Looking to become a pitmaster in your own backyard? We’ve got recipes to unlock the secrets of authentic Texas barbecue.

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Smoked Brisket

Make smoked brisket like a true Texan with this authentic recipe.

Smoked Texas Beef Rib

Make smoked beef ribs at home with this pitmaster-approved recipe!

Smoked Tri-Tip Roast

You’ll want to pull out the smoker for this amazing smoked Tri-Tip recipe!

Smoked Shoulder Clod with Coffee Quinoa Crunch 

This smoky, tender Shoulder Clod is the perfect recipe for your next barbecue.

Candied Brisket Burnt Ends

These candied brisket burnt ends will have you feeling like the ultimate pit master.


What is your favorite Texas BBQ dish? Tell us in the comments below!