Leslie Kinsel | Cotulla, Texas

Leslie Kinsel and kids

Leslie Kinsel is a beef advocate and hard-working business woman in her family’s multi-faceted ranch enterprise, Kinsel Land & Cattle Company, headquartered 10 miles outside of Cotulla, Texas – about 90 miles south of San Antonio. The Kinsel family has a long history of cattle ranching and wildlife management. In the 1920s, her husband Dan’s…

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Gilly Riojas – Corpus Christi, Texas

Gilly Riojas La Babia

Working with inspiring people to produce what he considers the “greatest protein” in the world is what Gilly Riojas loves most about his job. Gilly is the General Manager for La Babia Cattle Company, a large ranch operation which runs primarily Angus and Charolais-based cattle on acreage sprawling across both Mexico and South Texas. Their…

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Amanda Dyer – Fort Davis, Texas

  Women in ranching are a force of nature and Amanda Dyer from Fort Davis, Texas is the perfect example She’s a combination of West Texas tenacity and Lone Star State charm; a woman who wears bunch of hats in life and always steps up to get the specific job at hand accomplished with grit…

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McKenzie Land and Livestock – Pecos County, Texas

Sarah McKenzie Evans is proud to be part of McKenzie Land and Livestock, a family-owned and operated ranch established in Pecos County, Texas (around Fort Stockton) more than 120 years ago that also has operations in New Mexico. The ranch runs black Angus and Angus-cross cattle and uses performance-based genetics. The ranch markets efficient, top-performing…

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