Author: Jennifer Fisher

Ron and Debbie Gill – Chico, Texas

Describing Ron and Debbie Gill of Chico, Texas as a Texas beef “power couple” would be a fair assessment, and actually an understatement. Not only do this husband-wife team own and manage Gill Cattle Company, a 2000-acre ranch sprawling through North Central Texas, but are also highly active in teaching, advocacy, and leadership within the…

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Chef Johnny Stewart – Lytle, Texas

Chef Johnny Stewart, Lytle-based chef and culinary educator, was crowned the winner of the inaugural Ultimate Beef Loving Texan Showdown in the fall of 2023. Check out every episode of this thrilling, mouthwatering cooking showdown right HERE! After a preliminary digital contest among six rising culinary stars, followed by a head-to-head cookoff with Houston-based food and lifestyle influencer, Danielle…

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Brandon and Rachel Cutrer – Boling, Texas

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer laid the foundation for BRC Ranch in Boling, Texas, in 2011, building their business from the ground up with little more than a dream fueled by relentless dedication and hard work. Rachel, a seventh-generation rancher, brings a rich legacy to her role, while Brandon, armed with a degree in Agricultural Economics…

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