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Author: Jennifer Fisher

Stephanie Lastovica Marburger – Salado, Texas

Stephanie Lastovica Marburger, a multifaceted entrepreneur in the heart of Texas, epitomizes the spirit of a modern-day beef business woman. With varied, yet interconnected, family business interests spanning the beef industry, she stands as a respected and admired presence in her community along with her husband (Bracken Marburger), parents (Steven and Sandra Lastovica), and brother…

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Dan Gattis – Georgetown, Texas

Dan Gattis and family, Georgetown, Texas (photo: Austin Monthly)

Dan Gattis is a cattle rancher, trial lawyer, and advocate for beef. Dan has dedicated his life’s work to producing quality food for the community, serving as a steward for the land, and educating others about the positive benefits of eating beef and the beef industry, in general.  Dan’s lineage in agriculture harks back seven…

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John Hollis – Apple Springs, Texas

John Hollis, Texas Rancher

John Hollis knows a thing or two about Texas land and livestock.  He’s a seventh-generation rancher and carries on the family business at The Diamond I Ranch in Apple Springs, a small town in East Texas.  The ranch was founded in 1889 and has been awarded the Texas Department of Agriculture’s “Family Land Heritage” designation….

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Tucker Brown – Throckmorton, Texas

Tucker Brown, RA Brown Ranch - Throckmorton, Texas

Tucker Brown, a sixth generation Texas rancher, grew up on his family’s ranch in Throckmorton, about an hour north of Abilene. The R.A. Brown Ranch, founded in 1895, is known today for their quality genetics, breeding approximately 800 bulls a year including Angus, Red Angus, SimAngus (a cross between Simmental and Angus) and Hotlander breeds….

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