Chef Johnny Stewart – Lytle, Texas

Chef Johnny Stewart, Lytle-based chef and culinary educator, was crowned the winner of the inaugural Ultimate Beef Loving Texan Showdown in the fall of 2023. Check out every episode of this thrilling, mouthwatering cooking showdown right HERE!

After a preliminary digital contest among six rising culinary stars, followed by a head-to-head cookoff with Houston-based food and lifestyle influencer, Danielle Dubois, Johnny emerged victorious.  His culinary talents, creativity and passion for cooking with beef could not be extinguished. With his down-home personality and Texas-inspired spin on classic recipes, such as his BBQ Wellington, Johnny won over the judges.

Johnny’s recipes from the competition (including the BBQ Wellington) and since claiming the title of Ultimate Beef Loving Texan, such as Cola Braised Short Ribs and Pepper-Crusted Tri Tip Roast,  can be found on

Johnny grew up in an agricultural community, cooking with his father and uncles on a South Texas river bank in a deer camp. His mother also handed down her down-home cooking style. These early-day experiences helped shape his passion for food and cooking, but it wasn’t until Johnny was in mid-life that he decided to pursue a career in the industry.

“Earlier on, I was a coach and biology teacher, then in sales,” explains Johnny. “But, when I turned forty-five, I decided to go to culinary school to become a chef,” Johnny explains.

“I was interested in knowing how to cook the right way and learning more. It was the most fun I’d had in years, and I decided to return to education to teach culinary arts.”

Johnny teaches culinary arts at Lytle High School and is an adjunct professor in the St. Philip’s College culinary department, fostering the next generation of talent.

It’s no surprise that beef is Johnny’s protein of choice and says a good Ribeye steak at home can’t be beaten. Libby, his wife of 38 years, prefers Johnny’s Strip Steak and says that his meatloaf comes in a close second. Ground beef has always been a mainstay in the family’s kitchen, for value and versatility, especially when their kids, John (33) and Hailey (29) were growing up.

“I have enjoyed beef my entire life. I appreciate the versatility of beef and how it can easily be incorporated into new recipes and different cooking styles.”

“Showing people how to cook beef has always been a passion of mine and a large part of my platform on YouTube channel, Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of cooking with beef with an even wider audience as the 2023 Ultimate Beef Loving Texan.” 


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