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How to Pair Beer With Beef

Most Texans don’t need a holiday to celebrate beer. When we aren’t cheering on our favorite football team while drinking it, we’re in our kitchens or backyards cooking with it. I can’t remember a steak cooked on my dad’s grill that didn’t have a can poured over the flame. That being said, International Beer Day…

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Texas Traditions: Tacos

By: Armando Rayo, Taco Journalism Tex-Mex, beef and tacos. That’s the daily meal for people across Texas, especially from Brownsville to San Antonio and Austin to El Paso. Fajitas, brisket, cookouts and bringing familia together is part of Texas culture. The boast-worthy flavors prove there’s no better way to celebrate it than with tortillas, salsas…

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Beef Utopia: Texas Monthly BBQ Fest

If you weren’t already aware, barbecue is king in Texas. We eat it, we dream about it, we obsess over it — heck, we even wait five hours in line for it (looking at you, Franklin). This past weekend, the BEEF Loving Texans were fortunate enough to attend Texas Monthly’s BBQ Fest, an annual celebration…

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