Living Well on Brisket – A Week of Meals

I’m not ashamed to say I ate brisket  every day last week — actually, I’m feeling quite boastful of this beef-eating streak.  As Beef Loving Texans, I wager not one of us would question the deliciousness, juicy yumminess of this popular Lone Star State cut.  Brisket is always a popular lunch choice when out and about with my carnivorous crew. But, famous BBQ joints aside, cooking up a supersized slab of brisket at home is just smart on so many levels — and keeps you from being tortured by wafting meat smells in two-hour long lines!


So, why is making a beef brisket at home so smart?  The top three reasons in my book include 1) it’s easy, 2) it’s economical, and 3) it’s extremely versatile when it comes to recipe and serving options. Oh, and the bonus selling point on beef brisket that really resonates with my “fit foodie” lifestyle — the flat half of brisket is considered a lean cut with less than 7g total fat per 3.5 ounce serving.


Don’t be intimidated of this large chunk of meat. The easiest ways to cook a brisket is low and slow in a smoker, in a slow cooker or in the oven like a pot roast. Check out the instructions on various cooking styles to ensure a successful outcome every time. Also, you can even purchase brisket already prepared and sliced up from the meat department of larger grocery stores — there’s no shame in this time-saving game! They taste pretty darn good and it’s much cheaper than getting pounds and pounds of grub to-go from a barbecue restaurant.

You’ll probably be enjoying your brisket slice after slice the first night!  Hopefully, you’ll have enough leftovers to prepare quick and easy meals for the remainder of the week — check out these seven winners for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s the EXACT list of how I enjoyed my beef brisket Monday through Sunday!


Monday: Cowboy “Slop” on Sweet Potatoes just requires mixing up some chopped brisket with a can of pinto beans, fire-roasted tomatoes, corn and chili powder. It’s such an easy, hearty and healthy lunch or dinner for to help muscle through the start of the week.


Tuesday: Breakfast Brisket Tartine is a yummy change of taste in a city where breakfast tacos are king — this French-sounding quick-fix ruled my day! Scrambled eggs and leftover brisket are piled high on crusty bread spread with herbed cream cheese.


Wednesday: Brisket Jalapeno Pizza is simple enough for the kids to make and tweak with their own veggie toppings. Simply split the dough of four uncooked canned biscuits in half (pull apart those “buttery layers”) and smoosh down on a pizza pan. Par bake crust at 375F for 8 minutes, remove add sauce, brisket and toppings and return to oven for an additional 4 minutes or until cheese is bubbling and beginning to brown.


Thursday: Spicy Watermelon BBQ Brisket Tacos are the marriage of two of my favorite foods (watermelon and beef) and were an entry in the SXSW Taco Takedown last year. The sauce is easy to make with pureed watermelon, Sriracha and a few secret ingredients — I like to make a big batch in the summer and freeze a few extra jars full.


Friday: Make a Beef Baguette Sammie by simply piling on leftover slices and adding your favorite fillings — I got fancy and used a sun-dried tomato spread, blue cheese sprinkles and banana peppers for a major punch of flavor.


Saturday: Barbeque Brisket Nachos make weekend patio snacking a no-brainer, you barely have to scoot a boot! Use leftover chunks of beef, BBQ sauce and cheddar and stick under the broiler on your favorite tortilla chips! Add whatever you like, no rules here!


Sunday: Beef Sticky Buns are sure to open the eyes and mouths of your weekend sleepyheads. Jalapeno jelly gives this mostly savory breakfast dish a little hello of sweet — so good! I swapped bits of unsauced brisket for the ground beef “sausage.”


I hope you try your hand at making a brisket this month and getting creative with the leftovers.  For more brisket and other beef recipes, check out the collection at and on my blog

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