How to Pair Beer With Beef


Most Texans don’t need a holiday to celebrate beer. When we aren’t cheering on our favorite football team while drinking it, we’re in our kitchens or backyards cooking with it. I can’t remember a steak cooked on my dad’s grill that didn’t have a can poured over the flame. That being said, International Beer Day is upon us and it’s time to pay extra attention to the two things Texans love most: beer and beef.

Both play major roles in the perfect backyard cookout. If beer isn’t part of the recipe, you’re definitely indulging in a nice cold one to survive the Texas heat. But what if you picked beer that complimented your grilled meal and made it taste even better? Pairing beer and food comes down to preference based on three characteristics: complimenting, contrasting and cutting. Once you learn how the taste profiles of beef and beer work together, you’ll be stocking your ice chest with new cold ones all summer long!

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Our group of Beef Loving Texans had the chance to tourInfamous Brewing Company here in Austin, where we planned to tour and taste some of their best craft beer recipes. We arrived with our own beef (of course) and were ready to learn what beer to pair with some of our grilling favorites.

Let us say, this tasting was a hard job. Just when we thought chowing down on delicious beef couldn’t get any better, we finished off each bite with a refreshing swig of beer. Torture, right??

Jokes aside, our beef and beer pairing experience was super fun. At the same time, distinguishing between flavor profiles and how they compliment each other can be a weird concept to grasp at first. We want to share with you what we learned so you can pick the right beer to go with your grilling masterpieces. So sit back, read along and think about what cold ones you’ll grab with your beef at the store!


Beef sausage is normally a bundle of flavors. Paprika and red pepper give it a kick, so the partner beer needs to highlight spiciness without stealing the spotlight. Amber ale has a distinct caramel-flavor with a light blend of hops. The bitterness cuts right through any fat and brings out the flavor of your sausage! Amber ale is characteristically great with grilled meats or vegetables.

Some Texas-brewed examples are: Bugsy’s Fire Brush by Infamous Brewing Co., Texas Amber by ZiegenBock and Texas Red by Rahr & Sonsbeer-and-sausage-and-steak


American Cream Ales are mild with a lighter body and are sometimes referred to as lagers. Since the hop and malt flavor or this beer is normally subdued, cream ales will satisfy your thirst while letting your steak shine.

Some Texas-brewed examples are: Hijack by Infamous Brewing Co., The Lawn Ranger by Cedar Creek Brewery and Texas Gold by Three Nations Brewing Co.


IPA, or Indian Pale Ale, pairs really well with an assortment of foods. It has just the right amount of hops and malted barley to create a bitter sweetness. This really sharp beer also cuts any fatty flavor and brings your taste buds back to the brisket, which is a main attraction here in Texas!

Some Texas-brewed examples are: IPA by Infamous Brewing Co., Liberation by Live Oak Brewing Co. and Lost Gold by Real Ale Brewing Co.


What better way to end your backyard than with dessert? American Stouts are rich with a dry-roasted bitterness. This beer tastes great with cake, brownies or any other chocolate or coffee-flavored treat.

Some Texas-brewed examples are: Sweep the Leg by Infamous Brewing Co., Buried Hatchet by Southern Star Brewing Co. andLegion by Community Beer Co.

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