Month: February 2019

10 Globally-Inspired Marinade Recipes for Grilling Season

Don’t get stuck in a rut of using the same marinades over and over again! Just in time for grilling season, here are 10 globally-inspired marinade recipes.   Marinades are essential for tenderizing cuts of beef such as flank, skirt, kabobs while infusing your steaks with loads of flavor. Just marinate your steak for a…

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Beef Lovers Rejoice! Study Finds Beef in a Mediterranean-style Diet may Support Heart Health

US News and World report announced the Mediterranean diet as the best diet of 2019.  It is often characterized by relatively high consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, nuts/seeds and olive oil and lower consumption in sweets, sodium and red meat. Interestingly, many Mediterranean countries eat about the same amount of red meat or more than…

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