Waffle and Beef Breakfasts to Wow Mom

In a quandary about what to give your hard-working mom for Mother’s Day? While flowers are thoughtful and perfume is sweet, not many things show how much you love mom more than a hug and home-cooked meal. She’ll enjoy the break from her share of the daily cooking and chores. Whether you prepare her a leisurely breakfast in bed or a family-style brunch she’ll feel pampered and appreciated. Wow her with waffles paired up with beef for an unexpected yet deliciously sweet-and-savory spin on a morning meal staple. Check out these easy recipes for waffle and beef breakfasts that put more “WOW” on Mother’s Day.

Beef Breakfast Waffles with Mango Syrup

Transport mom’s taste buds to a tropical paradise with Beef Breakfast Waffles with Mango Syrup. It’s a quick and easy breakfast recipe that uses leftover mildly seasoned steak, Brisket or Pot Roast to create an exotic topping that tangos with diced mangoes, maple syrup and mint! Whip up a batch of your favorite waffle recipe, or keep it all easy-breezy and carefree with frozen waffles from the market.

Savory Beef Brunch Waffles

Savory Beef Brunch Waffles take breakfast sausage from a la carte to an ingredient that’s cooked up right inside the waffle’s crispy crevices. The idea is simple, but amazingly genius — just prepare a batch of Basic Country Beef Breakfast Sausage made with lean Ground Beef and aromatic spices, toss it into the batter. Pour the beefy batter into the waffle iron, and then garnish with toppings like syrup, sour cream, guacamole, hot sauce or any of mom’s other favorites! While you’re at it, make an extra batch to keep in the freezer for breakfasts on-the-go!   

Country Style Waffle Sandwich

Kids love to help out with Mother’s Day breakfast and, with Country Style Waffle Sandwich, they can build mom a better breakfast almost entirely on their own. While Dad makes sausage patties, the kids can warm up store-bought waffles in the toaster, slather with spreads, and then dress up with veggies like avocado, tomato slices, and spinach. Even the littlest helpers can help make the day special by creating a special day place mat with construction paper and crayons.

Texas BBQ Bloody Mary

A special brunch beverage is just what any hard working mom deserves on her special day. The Texas BBQ Bloody Mary is a unique and refreshing addition to the celebration, prepared as directed or virgin-style. The secret ingredient is barbecue sauce and it was inspired by Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que from the series BBQuest.


What are your favorite Mother’s Day brunch recipes? Tell us in the comments below.