Top Tips & Rub Recipes to Spice up your Holiday Roast

It’s almost go time. Holiday meal planning and preparations are in full swing. You’ve decided that an impressive beef roast is at the center of your table, so now it’s time to iron out the details.

Specifically, you’ve got to get your hands on the tasty rub recipes that will complete the mouthwatering holiday package. Why do you need a rub on your roast? That’s where the flavorful crust comes from!

During roasting, the rub makes the most wonderful crust that enhances the natural flavors of the beef. You can buy a premade rub at the grocery store, OR you can combine some of your favorite spices that are already in your pantry,

Spice up your roast like a true Texan with our 10 favorite rub recipes and tips. These recipes are super easy and use spices you probably already have.

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  1. Lemon Pepper Rub

  2. Garlic Thyme Steak Rub

  3. Cowboy Steak & Roast Rub

  4. Smoky Paprika Rub

  5. Lemon Thyme Rub

  6. Ancho Chili Beef Rub

  7. Espresso Rub

  8. Beef Loving Texans Steak Rub

  9. Ranch Rub

  10. Lemon Oregano Steak Rub



Tip #1

Start with a tablespoon of each ingredient and keep adding until you have a generous amount to completely cover your roast.

Tip #2

If you use fresh ingredients, be sure to double the amount. Ex. 2 tablespoons of fresh Thyme is equivalent to 1 tablespoon of dried Thyme.

Tip #3

Add some more zing to your favorite cut with a paste rub, by combining your dry rub with a small amount of liquid. You can use water, oil, or a more flavorful ingredient such as lemon juice, tomatoes, soy sauce or apple cider.

Tip #4

Apply rub to the beef’s surface just before  roasting. For more intense flavor, apply it several hours in advance, keeping your meat refrigerated until cooked.