Tailgate Like a Texan: Mid-Season Recipes

Let’s face it, Texans are passionate football fans.

Whether it’s pro football or college ball, fans all across the state are representing their teams loud and proud. We love grilling and tailgating, cheering loudly for our teams and (even more loudly) heckling our opponents. Hot-blooded football passion runs through the veins of folks around here, that’s just the way it is.

We’re several weeks into this tailgating season, and most of us could use a few substitutions to our tailgate menu. It’s best to look for recipe ideas that are yummy, but also super easy. You learn how important convenience is when serving food outside under a tent and battling the elements. You want food that satisfies your friends and family, but doesn’t require too much prep or headache. Bottom line is, there’s no need to suffer a mid-season tailgating slump, even if your team isn’t doing too hot!

This weekend, do more than cheer with your hands – eat with them! We’ve found a few handheld tailgating recipes that are easy to make and even easier to eat! No plates, forks or knives required.

Go team!

Maple Bacon Beer Burger


Because let’s be honest… what’s a tailgate without burgers, beer or a combination of the two? The grill master of the game will enjoy showing off their skills!

Tex-Mex Style Street Tacos


These tacos will keep tailgaters coming back for more. If you have time, marinate the flank steak the night before game day. This tasty marinade will help tenderize the beef and offer awesome flavor! Click here for more recipes and tips on marinades!

Grilled Salsa Steak Appetizer


This recipe is the perfect handheld tailgating app! You can load up your chip with as much or as little as you want. Customize this appetizer with your favorite store-bought or homemade salsa and guacamole!

Spicy Buffalo-Style Meatballs


If chicken wings are something you lean toward for your tailgates, try these meatballs. They are bite-sized balls of awesome. Pair with ranch or blue cheese dressing, and we promise you’ll never crave wings again!

Stuffed Jalapenos


What’s a post about Texas tailgating without including a recipe with jalapenos? These stuffed jalapenos are addicting. The flavor combo of cheese, beef and peppers is a sure win. These little guys are bundles of creamy, spicy dream-makers.

What are your favorite tailgating recipes? Share them in the comments or on Facebook!

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