Hatch Green Chile Steak Roll Ups

Beef and Hatch green chiles, that’s how I roll — figuratively and literally! Not only do I love everything about the pair-up of these two flavors, I’ve actually “rolled” a recipe to honor this highly coveted crop from Hatch, New Mexico.  My Hatch Green Chile Steak Roll Ups with Cilantro-Lime Yogurt Sauce make a quick dinner solution that looks fancy-pants, but are super easy to assemble.

It’s safe to say Hatch green chiles have a cult-like following; fanatics eagerly await the arrival of these long, slender green peppers in grocery stores and farmers markets in August through early September. They are purchased by the case, roasted and hoarded in the freezer for enjoyment all year long. Full disclosure, at one time I had 75 pounds in my own deep freezer, a prize won in a Hatch Green Chile Cook-Off!  To make this recipe more convenient, look for a store that sells the peppers freshly-roasted. It’s hard to miss the distinctive smell of chile peppers being roasted in a tumbler right there in the parking lot!

In order to pick the perfect pepper, you have to understand that not all Hatch are the same, the name only means that they hail from the fertile soils of Hatch, New Mexico. Some types are mild (1904s) and others are hot (Sandia) — I prefer the medium-heat Big Jims. Hatch chiles labeled “Lumbre” are extra hot, so proceed with caution! Hatch green chiles that have started to ripen red will return a noticeably hotter afterburn.

My steak roll-up recipe uses very thinly cut sirloin, about ¼” thick. You can purchase steaks already cut this wafer thin by looking for a meat tray sticker that says Milanese or Milanesa cut — or your butcher will gladly do it, if asked. With roasted chiles on hand, it takes just a minute or two to assemble the roll-ups. Just layer spinach, green chiles, and queso fresco cheese on top of the beef and tightly roll, securing with a toothpick. While roasting in the oven for about 15 minutes, a bright and vibrant cilantro sauce is whipped up using Greek yogurt and lime juice. Serve on rice or sautéed veggies of your choice.

Roasted Hatch and Poblano peppers can be used interchangeably.

If you have a heaping helping of leftover roasted Hatch chiles, either of these recipes could easily be adapted by swapping in Hatch for the listed Poblano peppers: Roasted Poblano Burger with Pepper Jack Cheese & Grilled Steak Tacos with Poblano Mango Salsa.

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