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Top 5 Chili Recipes

Chili–it’s our state food and favorite thing to argue about. With everything revolving around football, it doesn’t hurt to have a good chili recipe in your back pocket. But like the good ol’ game itself, even certain foods have competitive face-offs. Any time Texas chili comes up in conversation, it’s a sensitive thing. It’s no surprise…

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Favorite Fall Recipes

It’s fall, y’all! It might still be warm in Texas, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start celebrating. You can’t blame us for getting excited for less-than-100-degree weather, Friday night football games and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. But let’s be honest, we can’t get too wound up in the mystique of fall and forget about the most…

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5 Creative (and easy) Ways to Use Meat Sauce

Ground beef is the king of weeknight dinners. It’s affordable, versatile and can be purchased in different lean-to-fat ratios. 95 percent lean ground beef actually meets government guidelines for lean, which makes it very nutritious and perfect for recipes where you can’t drain off drippings. Needless to say, meat sauce is pretty much pasta’s soul…

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