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Chipotle Beef, Butternut & Pumpkin Stew

Wait for it, wait for it. Did you feel it, that cooler breeze that (periodically) shows up in October?  While it may not be time to break out the long johns and woolen scarves quite yet here in Texas, it certainly is the season to begin making nourishing soups, stews and other homey recipes in…

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How to Make Beef Jerky at Home

When it comes to snacking some of us have a sweet tooth and others would rather have something savory. Whatever you lean toward when your stomach starts to growl, beef jerky wins on taste AND nutrition. Whether you’re conquering the mid-day munchies or fueling your family during a long Texas road trip, beef jerky is…

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How to Make a Beef Charcuterie Board

This holiday season, let a charcuterie board featuring beef take the “bored” out of that traditional, tired, and oh-so-predictable meat and cheese tray. Charcuterie (pronounced shar-coot-er-ee) is trending this year as the “it” appetizer for nearly every event including laid-back shindigs, sophisticated dinner parties and classic cocktail parties — especially those gatherings with carnivores on…

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