How To Celebrate Texas Independence Day

Happy Texas Independence Day, y’all!

Us Texans have so much to be proud of – and boy, do we know how to show it. Only in Texas do cities have tight communities and small town have even bigger heart. Although it’s a diverse place, Texas Independence Day is one to celebrate what brings us together.

As Beef Loving Texans, we believe that beef is at the center of Texan heritage. From the world’s biggest pot of chili to grilling steaks year ’round, beef is a staple of our lifestyle. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate in the most Texan way possible, we’ve got ’em!

1. Put Your Grilling Skills to Work


We put this at the top of the list for a reason – Texans own grilling. We feel that way about pretty much everything, but it’s so darn hot the majority of the time that we can step outside and grill throughout the entire year. Today’s the day to grill like a Texan and throw on a nice steak for dinner. For grilling tips & tricks, click here.

2. Eat Your Fair Share of Brisket

Need we say more? Texas has more barbecue joints than we know what to do with. We love brisket so much that we even put it in a tortilla and call it a breakfast taco. We would eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner if we could.

Check out our favorite brisket recipe and get to smokin’!

3. Cook a Comforting Pot of Texas Chili

Remember when we said Texans own grilling? Well, we own chili too. To the point that mentioning beans in our chili can be fighting words.

Beans or no beans, there’s a chili recipe for every kind of Texan. To see our favorites, click here.

4. Enjoy Traditional Tex-Mex Food

Last but certainly not least, Tex-Mex is a product of our state’s history and was around before Texas was Texas. You just don’t see as much traditional Mexican food anywhere but here! Get our recipe for Traditional Tex-Mex Fajitas.

How do you celebrate? Comment below!

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