Ground Beef Basics

Back-to-school season is already on the horizon for busy Texans. The summer holiday has come and gone and kids will get back to their normal routines. This means hauling them to and from sports practice, meetings and other after-school activities. Which also means less time to cook dinner and get it on the table every night.

That’s where ground beef comes in.

It brings great flavor, high nutritional value and versatility with little effort. Ground beef also fits into even the tightest grocery budget. With our ground beef tips and easy recipes, you’ll be killin’ the back-to-school game!

Fit For Your Family

Southwest Burger Wrap

It’s a common misconception that other ground meats, like turkey, are a healthier option than beef. Well, it’s myth-busting time! Ground beef actually has more of many essential nutrients and can be lower in calories, total fat and cholesterol than ground turkey. Learn more of the facts before making substitutions.

Shopping For Ground Beef

Decoding The Label


Ground beef is the easiest cut to identify in the grocery store, but it’s common for folks to get confused over all the options.

  • Labels may indicate the primal cut (chuck, round or sirloin) that was used to produce the ground beef. The name of the primal cut does not indicate the percentage of fat.
  • % lean refers to the portion of the ground beef that provides protein.
  • Ground beef labeled as “lean” has less than 10% fat and “extra lean” has less than 5% fat.

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What To Look For

  • Select beef with a bright cherry-red color. Beef in a sealed bag typically has a darker purplish-red color. When exposed to the air, it will turn a bright red. These color changes are normal!
  • Make sure the package is cold with no holes or tears.
  • Choose packages without excessive liquid.
  • Purchase beef on or before the sell-by date.
  • Freeze in a freezer-safe storage bag.

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How To Make Ground Beef Leaner

Lean ground beef normally costs more than options with higher fat content. But you don’t have to sacrifice your wallet to get lean and healthy ground beef! You can reduce the fat content by 50% by simply rinsing the fat off.

1. Brown ground beef in skillet over medium heat.

Cook 8-10 minutes or until no longer pink. Stir occasionally to break beef into small pieces.

2. Place beef in a strainer or colander to dry.

Set strainer on a 1/2-quart or larger sturdy bowl for support.

3. Pour hot water over beef to rinse fat.

Let drain for 5 minutes.

Meals In 30 Minutes-Or-Less

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