6 Easy Recipes to Fuel your Back to School Fun

It’s the season to get back to routines and schedules for many people, so what better time than now to fuel strong minds and bodies that will be ready to take on school and activities? Looking for easy back-to-school recipes to start the school year off right? We’ve got you covered.

Unfortunately, many school-age children, including adolescents, fall short on essential nutrients to support learning, activity and development. In fact, the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans highlights how children and adolescents aren’t getting enough high-quality protein, iron, zinc, choline and vitamins B6 and B12. [1] 

The good news is that planning healthy nutrient-dense meals and snacks can be simple with these delicious, balanced recipes. Nutrient-dense foods such as beef deliver high-quality protein, iron, zinc, choline and B-vitamins essential supplies for a successful school year. [2-11]

Rock and Roll Beef Wraps

Make the filling for these beef wraps, then fill tortillas as lunches are needed throughout the week.

Greek-Style Beef Pita

A great way to repurpose leftover steak (or even roast) from dinner for tomorrow’s lunch.

Beef Salad Shakers

A great way to pack a colorful salad with beef, all in one container. Just shake it up when you’re ready to eat! Eat it right out of the container, or dump it onto a plate if you’d prefer.

Beef Stir-Fry with Couscous

Mix it up by adding your family’s favorite veggies to this versatile dish with Top Sirloin Steak.

Ground Beef & Pasta Skillet Primavera

Make this easy recipe with ground beef! Whole wheat pasta can easily be substituted in this recipe for extra fiber and a hearty texture.

Beef Fajita Soup

Fall days are on their way, and this beef fajita soup is a tasty way to usher them in.

Check out these Make-Ahead Breakfast recipes for another way to simplify healthy eating this school year!


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