Month: April 2020

Tim and Gayle Foster – Bastrop County, Texas

April 2020 Tim and Gayle Foster Fickle weather, market forces, and catastrophic events can run, even a long-standing ranch, into ruin. But, Gayle Foster of Rathman Ranch says it’s God’s timing that has been the biggest blessing behind the successful cow-calf operation she owns and operates in Bastrop county with her husband Tim. Gayle’s story…

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Marinating 101: Tips & Tricks to the Best Beef Marinades

It’s a great time to get outside to grill. So, let’s talk about marinades. A marinade is a pre-cooking soak of liquid ingredients along with herbs and spices that not only adds flavor to meats but acts as a tenderizing agent, making less expensive (and tougher) cuts of beef more enjoyable. Marinating beef is an…

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