Simple, Nourishing Meals to Cook at Home

Whether you’re working on the front lines to keep our communities healthy or working from home with extra duties during this time, we want to help you fuel your family. In addition to strengthening the body, food can bring comfort and joy to our lives; we hope these tasty recipes will do just that for you. 

Smoky Chipotle Pot Roast

Add some frozen veggies and cornbread for a quick, balanced meal.

Ground Beef & Pasta Skillet Primavera

Primavera may sound fancy, but this one-pan meal is anything but complicated.

Cuban Crispy Shredded Beef

Turn leftover roast into a delicious new creation.

Beef Sausage and Egg Cups

Start your day with protein. These egg muffin cups can be made ahead for an easy breakfast option.

Beefy Sweet & Sloppy Joes

Try this sloppy joe filing over baked potatoes for a new twist on the old favorite.

Philly Beef Cheese Steak Sandwiches

Simplify this recipe even more by using leftover steak or roast.

Mediterranean Beef Meatball Kabob

Feeling ambitious? Make a double batch of these meatballs and freeze them for future use.

Roast Beef & Veggie Wraps

These versatile wraps are great for both a meal and a satisfying snack.

Beef Confetti Taco Salad

Add some taco seasoning while cooking the ground beef to make this salad even more flavorful.

Classic Beef Pot Roast

Sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics – like an easy slow-cooker roast that will fill the house with a savory aroma.

Greek-Style Beef Pita

Make these your own. Add tomatoes, spinach, or bell peppers for an extra crunch.

As we move forward together, let’s take time to be thankful and savor the good in our lives.

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