10 Best Recipes with Leftover Brisket

As Texans, we all know that smoked brisket is a staple in the Texas diet. Whether you’re cooking on Labor Day weekend or just a normal Saturday, we all love to enjoy the fruits of our labor with the perfectly smoked brisket. 

Although Texans don’t usually have leftover brisket – when we do, we want to find creative ways to incorporate it into breakfast, lunch, dinner…or even dessert. 

So, we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite recipes that are perfect for leftover brisket. Our recipes with brisket are so good, you may even want to throw an extra brisket on the smoker to be able to enjoy one of these amazing dishes.

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Smoked Brisket Breakfast Tacos

Start your morning right with these beefed up breakfast tacos.

Texas BBQ Brisket Nachos

These Texas BBQ brisket nachos are full of amazing flavor and easy to make.

Brisket and Sausage Frito Pie

Smoked brisket takes Frito Pie to the next level in this recipe.

Smoked Beef Brisket Benedict

You’ll want to eat brisket at every meal with this breakfast recipe.

Brisket Tacos with Triple Salsa

Taco Tuesday just got even better with brisket tacos.

Smoked Beef Brisket and Corn Chowder

Looking to try something new? Make this beefy twist on the traditional corn chowder.

Brisket Stuffed Poblano with Queso

Spicy, savory, and topped with queso. This brisket stuffed poblano is a triple threat.

BBQ Nachos

You had me at “waffle fry nachos with beef.”

Green Chile Mac and Cheese with Texas BBQ Brisket

A marriage made in heaven: mac and cheese and brisket

Glazed Burnt End Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Try a surprising twist on smoked brisket with this sweet and savory recipe.

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