How to Throw a Chili Bar Party

There ain’t no party like a chili bar party.

Texas is a diverse place, but there are a handful of things that bring us together. Our pride is at the top of the list, which means we take throwing parties very seriously. We plan rowdy tailgates, memorable family reunions or over-the-top birthday bashes down to the appetizer. And let’s get it straight – most of these involve beef brisket or burgers. But even when there isn’t a big occasion, Texans still find any reason to get together and eat good food.

You probably aren’t going to smoke a brisket for smaller get-together’s, so throwing a chili bar party is the perfect solution. Chili is quintessentially Texan, so you can’t go wrong. The hardest part is choosing what toppings to use!

The first step is cooking enough chili for your crowd. We suggest accounting for each person to have two bowls, just to play it safe. You can always save leftovers or send it home with your guests! We chose our Lone Star Chili and doubled it. This recipe only simmers for an hour, but you could also prepare it in the slow cooker to make things easier.

Once the chili is finished cooking, all that’s left to do is set out your favorite toppings. We picked onions, fresh tomatoes, avocados, olives, jalapeños, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, corn and cheese. Texans love to put chili on everything, so it’s fun to serve hot dogs, baked potatoes and corn chips for Frito Pies.

We also baked corn bread, because –  well, who needed a reason?

Set up your chili-filling station on a table with a festive cloth and decorations. Put a fun sign beside the chili and place the toppings down the table with spoons. Now enjoy the party!

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