Every Bite Counts: Starting Strong with Complementary Foods for Early Childhood

Every Bite Counts: Starting Strong with Complementary Foods for Early Childhood

Join pediatric nutrition expert and Registered Dietitian, Keli Hawthorne, as she dives into the most up-to-date dietary recommendations for early childhood. Infancy and toddlerhood are critical stages of growth and development, and nutrition during these periods can have long-term impacts. Keli will pair nutrition science with practical tips, including demonstration of how to create and feed developmentally-appropriate foods for each stage of complementary feeding. As a health professional, you help your patients and clients to optimize their health at every life stage. This learning experience will better equip you to make the biggest impact for families with growing children.


Keli Hawthorne MS, RD

Keli Hawthorne, is a registered dietitian and the Director for Clinical Research for the Department of Pediatrics at Dell Medical School. She trains physicians, dietitians, medical students, and undergraduate students in pediatric nutrition and clinical research study design. Hawthorne’s research focuses on neonatal and pediatric nutrition including mineral absorption, intestinal failure, and human milk fortification for premature infants. Hawthorne was a leader in the national efforts to obtain FDA approval for intravenous omega-3 fatty acid lipid emulsions for infants and children in the US with severe liver damage. She was honored with the Texas Distinguished Scientist Award from the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is a past recipient of the Emerging Dietetic Leader award and Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year.