Scary-Easy Halloween Recipes

For kids, finding the perfect Halloween costume is something they start thinking about as soon as fall begins. Heck, some have next year’s picked before finishing this year’s candy!

Picking fast, easy and healthy recipes for their trick-or-treaters is a big priority for busy parents. Our favorite little super heroes, princesses and zombies need a lot of strength and energy to keep them going all evening and beef provides the iron and protein to do just that!  Let’s be honest—they’ll be enjoying plenty of candy later, so it never hurts to make sure they have a quick and wholesome dinner on Halloween night.

Try these beef recipe ideas that can be done in 30 minutes or less and will have the kids begging for seconds!

Boo-tastic Halloween Quesadillas

As long as you have a few ingredients, a skillet and a few fun cookie cutters, you’re in business for a spooky and fun-filled holiday meal. Follow the recipe for our Easy Baked Beef, Bean & Corn Quesadillas and cut the tortillas into your own shapes!

These are a great grab-n-go dinner, or you can invite your trick-or-treat troupe over to build their own quesadillas before the night begins!

Spooky Spider Meatballs

Your guests will be squealing (with delight) when they see these cute spider meatballs! Make a few batches of Basic Beef & Vegetable Meatballs, then add sliced olives for eyes and bell pepper for the legs.

Not only are these delicious bites packed with protein, they’re also an easy way to sneak veggies like zucchini into your family’s diet!

Yummy Mummy Beef Pizzas

With only 5 ingredients, these mini pizzas are guaranteed to be a hit with kids and adults alike! Simply brown ground beef, stir in pizza sauce, spread over sandwich thins and decorate with mozzarella string cheese and olives.

Have fun with toppings and hold a contest for who can make the scariest mummy!

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