Brandon and Rachel Cutrer – Boling, Texas

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer laid the foundation for BRC Ranch in Boling, Texas, in 2011, building their business from the ground up with little more than a dream fueled by relentless dedication and hard work. Rachel, a seventh-generation rancher, brings a rich legacy to her role, while Brandon, armed with a degree in Agricultural Economics…

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Beef-Loving Zodiac: Learn What Meaty Dish Matches Your Personality

Trying to decide which beef dish to make tonight? Fulfill your flavorful culinary destiny with our recommended beef dishes for every star sign in the Zodiac. Do you think these pairings accurately represent your sign? Let us know in the comments! ♈ Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19  Beef Stuffed Chile Relleno with Guajillo Chile Sauce in…

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Mary Beth Mazurek – Sydney, Texas

Photo Credit: Little Bear Photography

Mary Beth Mazurek and her husband, Wayne, are living the Texas ranch life in Sidney, a small town about two hours southwest of Fort Worth. Mazurek Land & Cattle is a family ranch founded nearly 100 years ago in 1926, that operates today on 3,000 acres – land that is a harmonious combination of family…

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Soul-Warming Comfort Food Recipes with Beef

As the “colder” months settle in, there’s nothing quite like the warmth and comfort that a hearty beef dish can bring to your table. We’ll explore a selection of mouthwatering comfort food recipes featuring beef, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and keep you cozy all season long. Texas Red Chili Red Chili is iconic in…

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