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Beef Loving Texans Smoking Guide

When it comes to being Texan, some things are just part of our culture. Tailgating, grilling year ’round and smoking are just a few of our favorite things. Since all of these go together, and it being the beginning of football season, we wanted to put together an official smoking guide with our Beef Loving…

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Light Truffle Burger Queso

Queso breaks down barriers and gets folks congregating, regardless of the team. Unless you are scared off by friendly smack-talk, flailing arms, flying chips, and possible double-dippers, you’ve likely experienced how an ooey, gooey cheese dip draws a competitive crowd at football parties, cookouts and other fall season gatherings. While melted Velveeta with Rotel might…

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How To Make A Perfect Burger Patty

Let’s spring into grilling season with the perfect burger! As the days grow longer and the weather invites us outdoors, there’s truly no better occasion for firing up the grill and sharing delicious moments with those we hold dear. These occasions just give Texans more reason to pull out the grill and gather with the…

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