Light Truffle Burger Queso

Queso breaks down barriers and gets folks congregating, regardless of the team.

Unless you are scared off by friendly smack-talk, flailing arms, flying chips, and possible double-dippers, you’ve likely experienced how an ooey, gooey cheese dip draws a competitive crowd at football parties, cookouts and other fall season gatherings. While melted Velveeta with Rotel might be tradition, my recipe for Light Truffle Burger Queso is the new “must-make” and MVP of any chip and dip zone.

Instead of using a processed cheese product with a mystery origin and not much taste, this dip recipe is bold and better-for- you, made with wholesome, real ingredients. In the bowl are real milk and cheeses, fresh veggies, lean ground beef and a sprinkle of truffle salt for the win!

What I love about making queso from scratch is that it’s surprisingly simple and gives you control over the ingredients — this allows me to make my appetizer a little “lighter” than some of its snack time siblings. I start with an easy blonde butter-and- flour roux and then whisk in skim milk and reduced-fat cheeses — next come the spices and mix-ins I crave. Today, it’s lean ground beef along with sautéed mushrooms and onions seasoned with pepper and truffle salt.

Magic, magical, majestic! The up-town flavors are inspired by my favorite burger purveyor in Dallas that crafts a fine burger smothered in a creamy truffle sauce. I’ve swiped the idea, ditched the bun and deconstructed it into a dip!

Serve Light Truffle Burger Queso with chips, slices of crusty bread, or veggie sticks at your next tailgate, hoedown, or harvest celebration — keep it warm in a small slow cooker. I also found that the leftovers are delicious poured over pasta or scooped into a tortilla!

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