5 Most Texan Tailgating Foods

Here in Texas, football is in our blood. Whether you’re the star quarterback or a mom bringing refreshments to the little league field, most of us are connected to the sport at a very emotional level.

Football is one of those things that’s inherently Texan. Even if we aren’t down on the field playing or cheering under the Friday night lights, we’re raised to understand the place it holds in our culture.

When it comes to rooting for our favorite team, Texans don’t mess around. Tailgating is it’s own sport around here, and we take the food very seriously. Bring any of these 5 foods to a tailgate and you’re sure to please the crowd!

Breakfast Tacos

We all know tailgates don’t start when the game does. The goal is to get out there as soon as possible, and it helps if your tent has breakfast to offer. . . especially if it’s wrapped in a tortilla. It’s as easy as using leftover brisket, shredded beef or fajitas with some scrambled eggs!


It’s known throughout Texas that queso is our love language. Serve up a big bowl and it’ll be gone before the first quarter is over!


If you want a foolproof and low maintenance tailgating meal that’ll allow you more time to root for your favorite team, burgers are IT. Not only is ground beef easy to prepare, it’s also affordable for feeding a big crowd!

Click here to learn how to make the perfect burger patty.


If you’re out to impress guests or show up the neighboring tailgate, smoking brisket is a must. Click here for our expert smoking guide.


Lone Star Chili by Jess Pryles

Texans can all agree that cooler weather feels a lifetime away. But fall and winter will be here before ya know it, and there’s nothing like a warm bowl of chili at a “chilly” tailgate–no beans, of course.


What are your signature tailgating recipes? Tell us below!

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