How to Prepare Slow Cooker Barbacoa 4 Ways

After you taste our deliciously tender and flavorful Everyday Barbacoa recipe, you’ll want to make it a new kitchen staple.

This family favorite recipe is so easy and delicious. Just marinate your beef for two hours to overnight, then let your slow cooker or pressure cooker do all of the hard work for you!

What is beef barbacoa?
Traditionally, beef barbacoa is rooted in Mexican culture and prepared by slow cooking and steaming beef cheek in a pozo, also known as an in-ground pit or oven for a fall-apart tender result. Here in Texas, many families gather to celebrate Barbacoa Sundays.

While our Everyday Barbacoa is not prepared in the traditional cooking method, it is a delicious option for preparing barbacoa-style beef in a slow cooker for any day of the week.

Not only is this recipe delicious on its own, but it is also extremely versatile and can be prepared in multiple ways including tacos, sandwiches, empanadas…the possibilities are endless!

Here are four of our favorite ways to enjoy Everyday Barbacoa:

Everyday Beef Barbacoa

Set the timer, sit back, and relax! Making Beef Barbacoa has never been easier.

Barbacoa Torta with Fiery Citrus Slaw

Take Everyday Barbacoa to the next level with flavor-packed tortas.

Barbacoa Empanadas

Upgrade your appetizer game with mouthwatering Barbacoa Empanadas.

Barbacoa Tacos

You’ll love these delicious barbacoa tacos. Just add shredded barbacoa to flour tortillas and top with jalapeño, pickled onion, and a squeeze of lime.


What is your favorite way to prepare Everyday Barbacoa? Tell us in the comments below.

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