Healthy Kids Running Series + Beef Loving Texans

Here at Beef Loving Texans we have a strong commitment to not only bring more Texans to the table with inspiring beef recipes, but also to promote active, healthy lifestyles with real solutions to achieve balance.

Along with eating beef as part of a healthy diet, exercise is a vital part of healthy lifestyles.

For years, Beef Loving Texans has sponsored the Healthy Kids Running Series (HKRS) because we believe in their mission to help children develop healthy habits, like nutritious eating and regular exercise, at an early age. HKRS was created to combat the increasing rates of childhood obesity in America. It is a non-profit that provides a five-week running series for ages 2-14, designed to motivate kids to be healthy and active and provide a fun environment to improve their self-esteem. Together Beef Loving Texans and HKRS are working toward building a healthier Texas.

Beef Loving Texans’ Texas Beef Team, a group of fitness loving beef enthusiasts, has been extremely active and supportive of the HKRS. Our team members serve as race directors or volunteers while many of their kids are participating in the race series on behalf of Beef Loving Texans. To showcase one of the many stories of Beef Team members participating in HKRS, we followed the story of Jennifer and Clinton Henderson. A family that chose to ditch the screens for more active time outside. Their story is one of fun, health, and inspiration.

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