Doing Independence Day Right

On July 4th, Beef Loving Texans unite to celebrate what it means to be American… and what’s more American than enjoying the great outdoors with a delicious meal? Since Independence Day is a prime barbecue holiday, we rounded up a couple of our favorite festive recipes and easy-to-follow resources, so you have what you need for a tasty celebration.

Red, White & Beef Salad

We may be celebrating America, but the Fourth can still be full of southwestern flavor.


Lone Star Beef & Veggie Burger

This Texas-style burger is packed with veggies and lean protein.


Charcoal grilling tips

Fun fact: more than half of Texans prefer the charcoal grilling method.


Gas grilling tips

If you’re not lighting the coals for the Fourth, chances are you’re using gas, as it’s Texans’ second favorite grilling method.


Water smoking tips

Water smoking is a slow method that brings out aromatic flavors – because we all know good things come to those who wait.


Indirect smoking tips

Indirect smoking is one of our personal favorite ways to cook a traditional beef brisket.

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