Ancho Apple Cider Brisket for Instant Pot

Raise your hand if you would enjoy having a delicious brisket on the family dinner table in about 60 minutes? Enter the Instant Pot, a multi-function pressure cooker that reduces cooking time to a fraction of traditional cooking methods. My recipe for Ancho Apple Cider Brisket for Instant Pot makes an amazing autumn-inspired, meaty meal that is so simple, yet so satisfying.

The brisket is liberally seasoned with a blend of ground spices including cinnamon, Ancho chile, black pepper and salt. Then it is quickly seared on both sides using the “sauté” function to bloom the spices and create a tasty crust. The “sauté” function is one of the genius features I love about Instant Pot cooking as you can brown meat on the spot without dirtying an additional skillet.

After browning the brisket, I briefly removed it to add apple cider which is brought to a light boil to scrape up the browning residue stuck on the bottom of the cooking pot. There is major flavor in those crusty bits. Next, the brisket is added back in (fat side up) and topped with onions, apple slices and fresh thyme. After putting the lid on and set the valve to seal, I just sit back and wait for the Instant Pot magic to happen.

To make the meal extra special, I make a quick sauce with the cooking liquids. This sauce is sweet, slightly spicy and all flavored. This is a meal I like to serve in my favorite “meat-and-potatoes” way, in a bowl full of smashed sweet potatoes with seasonal veggies or a salad on the side. Enjoy!