Month: June 2022

Saunders Ranch – Weatherford, Texas

Over the past seven generations, the men and women of the Saunders family have become legends in Texas ranching. Headquartered west of Fort Worth in Weatherford, Texas since 1934, the family owns and operates Saunders Ranch, a successful cow-calf, yearling and equine business with cattle-raising roots dating back to the mid-nineteenth century.  It all started…

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John Coleman Locke – Hungerford, Texas

  John Coleman Locke is a 6th generation rancher managing the Locke Division of J.D. Hudgins, Inc., a family-run cattle operation that has been around since 1908. The 900-acre ranch specializes in purebred, registered Brahman cattle. The breed is able to tolerate heat and repel insects, making the cattle a good fit for the hot,…

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