Stephanie Lastovica Marburger – Salado, Texas

Stephanie Lastovica Marburger, a multifaceted entrepreneur in the heart of Texas, epitomizes the spirit of a modern-day beef business woman. With varied, yet interconnected, family business interests spanning the beef industry, she stands as a respected and admired presence in her community along with her husband (Bracken Marburger), parents (Steven and Sandra Lastovica), and brother (Stuart Lastovica).

“All our businesses are family-owned and operated,” explains Stephanie. “It’s such a blessing to get to work alongside them. We all have various roles and responsibilities to keep our wheels turning each and every day. I believe all five of us bring a different and unique skill set to the table to help keep our operation running so uniquely and efficiently.”

At the heart of their endeavors is the Lastovica Cattle Company, a family-owned registered Angus ranch sprawled over 600 acres in the scenic landscape of Salado, Texas. Here, they manage a herd of more than 200 cattle, maintaining the legacy of quality and excellence for which Angus cattle are known.

Stephanie and family also have their hand in livestock trade through Milano Livestock Exchange, another family business which buys and sells replacement cattle to customers across the nation, as well as stocker and feeder cattle to feedyards. In addition, Lastovica Cattle Co. supplies cuts of quarters, halves, and whole beef directly to the consumer.

Stephanie’s reach extends even further, as she and her husband, own, operate, and are the creative force behind Marburger Media & Marketing.  Their combined marketing talents and knowledge of the agriculture industry allow them to expertly assist other businesses at the local through national level, and succeed in an increasingly fast-paced, digitally-driven, and visual marketplace.   

Many agricultural operations, while experts in their respective fields, may not have the time, expertise, or resources to navigate the intricate world of content creation in an ever-changing online landscape. This is where Stephanie and Bracken step in with media management, content creation, photography, videography, and graphic design services for diverse clientele, the many of whom are deeply rooted in the agricultural business.

Stephanie is a third-generation rancher AND third-generation graduate of Texas A&M University, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Leadership and Development (’16) and a Master of Agriculture in Animal Science (’18).

“One of the most unique things to ever happen to me coming up in the industry was being on “Good Morning America” while exhibiting one of my steers at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo,” she elaborates. “I had the chance to briefly describe what a typical day looked like caring for my animals and how the lessons learned from this responsibility, starting at a young age, were invaluable growing up and later in life.”   

In addition to showing livestock, Stephanie enjoys volunteering, reading, and making recipes in the kitchen – indoors and out! To her, cooking isn’t just a life-sustaining necessity, it’s a pastime that Stephanie really enjoys that brings friends and family together. Beef fajitas on the grill is a dish that makes her happy to make, eat and share. 

“I also love Prime Rib,” she mentions. “While not something I eat every day, I love using this cut of beef during special occasions and family celebrations due to the unique taste and texture.

“Honestly, without my background in agriculture, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” says Stephanie. “I firmly believe that those of us who work in agriculture are some of the strongest people due to the nature of the work that we do, the work ethic it teaches, and the conditions/circumstances in which we encounter on a daily basis. We work hard to provide a sustainable product that is beneficial in a balanced diet and the best source of protein for our world. I hope to be still doing this ten years from now, and well beyond, training up the next generation in the beef industry.”

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