Lunch On-The-Go: Mu Shu Steak and Apple Wraps

Eating lunch on-the-go has become a staple practice in our fast-paced society. And with a plethora of fast food options at our fingertips, consuming a well-balanced and easy-to-prepare protein meal is often easier said than done. Which is exactly why we were so excited to stumble upon this Mu Shu Steak and Apple Wrap recipe throughout participation in the 30-day Protein Challenge– with less than 30 minutes of prep time and three grams of protein, we knew this would be a perfect lunch on-the-go in the midst of a busy week.


We started by seasoning Tri-Tip Steaks with cinnamon and pepper, then cooked them for 9-10 minutes in a skillet over medium heat, turning occasionally. Tri-Tip Steaks originated on the west coast and are steadily gaining popularity nationwide, so if you can’t find them at your local supermarket, ask the meat market manager to help you as they may not be displayed. This cut is also great for grilling, which is certainly an option for this recipe. Don’t forget that Tri-Tip cuts are lean beef, so they’re a perfect fit in healthy, balanced diets. Next up, we combined hoisin sauce and honey to flavor up the wraps. The tangy, sweet flavor of hoisin complements beef so well — seriously, check out the Hoisin BBQ Steak Kabobs recipe we whipped up a few weeks back. AMAZING.


We added our steak (cut into thin strips), apple slices and coleslaw into the hoisin mixture, tossing them a bit to make sure everything was coated. Can’t miss any of that great flavor! Once coated, we wrapped everything up in whole wheat tortilla and were D-O-N-E. Easy, right?


The great thing about wraps is that they’re portable and easy to hold, so you can, quite literally, eat these while on-the-go. We also love that these wraps are filled with protein, providing lunchtime fuel and energy needed to take the rest of the day by storm! A perfect and easy meal while completing the Protein Challenge. Hungry for more protein-filled lunches? Check out the following:

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