Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day can be one of the toughest gift-giving occasions.

With moms, you normally can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates or jewelry. But dads are different… and difficult. In the past you’ve probably thought you had the perfect gift in mind, then venture into the garage or his man-cave and discovered he already has it. The trick is coming up with something unique that he will use. If you’re still drawing a blank, think about what most Texan dads have in common: the grill.

Whether your dad is the neighborhood grill master or just enjoys cooking out for the family on special occasions, we’ve put together a gift-giving guide that’ll make his day!

1. Steaks

We’ll start with the best gift on this list. Nearly two-thirds of Americans make beef their first meal of the grilling season. I doubt your dad is any different. Buying him a set of steaks for the grill is a foolproof way to win his heart.

2. Grilling Toys

Grilling accessories are to men as shoes are to women. They love them and will use them until they wear out. Check out your dad’s collection and see if he needs new tongs, grill brushes or lighters. If he uses a charcoal grill, a charcoal starter is a lifesaver!

3. Meat Thermometer

Does your dad grill your steak to the perfect degree? I know mine cooks beef so well that I almost can’t enjoy it at restaurants. A meat thermometer will help him stay consistent at the grill.

4. Cutting Board

Dads sometimes won’t admit it, but a lot of them treasure cool kitchen tools. A sturdy cutting board is essential for any grill master, and it helps when it’s unique. Find one with unique Texas textures that’ll look great in the kitchen (and that Mom won’t mind leaving on the counter).

5. Knife Set

Sharp cutlery is essential when it comes to beef. You want to be able to cut your masterpiece to perfection after standing over a hot grill!

6. Cook Book

If your dad wants to be on the cutting edge, get him a cookbook! There are always new cooking tips and tricks to learn, and he might find some new recipes to try for the family!

7. Apron

The fact is, (most) dads are messy. For example, mine LOVES to cook. But there’s a 95% chance he’ll splatter sauce/grease/mystery substances on his shirt. Instead of snagging him another shirt that’ll just get dirty, think about investing in a cool apron! He’ll feel even more like a pro behind the grill.

Gifts like these can easily be picked up at your local grocery, hardware or kitchen supply store!

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