Challenge Accepted: Boosting More Than Fitness with Million Mile Month


Motivation, whether it comes naturally or is sought after, pushes you to the finish line. It keeps you going through the toughest of struggles, and reminds you of what it will feel like when you finally achieved what you’ve worked so hard for. It’s a common theme that surrounds exercise, sports and really any other type of physical activity. But outside of the romanticized idea, what truly motivates you?

Exercising is a trendy topic in today’s culture. But, let’s face it… not everyone looks forward to it! A lot of people need something other than the satisfaction of physical fitness to get them to the gym. People have found that something, and it’s inspiring them to improve more than just their fitness.

Million Mile Month is a program with a goal: to reach one million miles throughout the month of April. This goal is shared by participants all over the country who form one community. Participants are more likely to live a healthy life, and less likely to suffer from preventable diseases.

Texas Beef Council was represented at Million Mile Month kickoff, which took place at Austin City Hall Plaza. Hawley Poinsett, Registered Dietitian and Senior Nutrition Manager of Nutrition, helped explain how Million Mile Month can make an impact.

“When we work together, we can make healthy changes that last a lifetime.”

– Hawley Poinsett, Senior Nutrition Manager and Registered Dietitian for Texas Beef Council

Don’t let the word “mile” confuse you. Distances of any kind can be recorded by walking, running, yoga, CrossFit, chasing kids around the yard, perusing the grocery store, etc. When anything counts, you have nothing to lose!

Read below to learn how to sign up with the Texas BEEF Team, an official Million Mile Month sponsor. The BEEF Team welcomes everyone, team member or not, to participate.


How to Register with the TEXAS BEEF TEAM (members and non-members):

1.    Visit the Million Mile Month registration website.

2.    After selecting your registration level (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum), continue through registration until you reach the “Edit Your Profile” page.

3.    Near the bottom of the “Edit Your Profile” page, choose “Beef Team” from the “Select your Organization” drop down menu.

4.    Then choose “Texas Beef Team” from the “Select Group/Team” drop down menu.

5.    Complete all other blanks on this page and click “Save Profile”.

6.    Spread the word and help the BEEF Team maintain top ranking by inviting your friends, co-workers and family members to join the BEEF Team in this fun challenge.

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