Casey Matzke – Rosanky, Texas

Donning multiple hats with grace and determination, Casey Matzke is not only an advocate for beef. She is also a decade-long community organizer and leader, mother, and role model who reads avidly and finds fishing and walking along the Texas coast relaxing.

Casey works for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension as a project manager and focuses on agricultural law,  grazing lands, and ranch management. 

Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University and an internship at the Texas Beef Council in 2017, she is currently finishing up a Master’s degree from Texas A&M in Animal Science.  

For the last 10 years, Casey has been highly involved in Texas CattleWomen, an “organization (currently with 22 local Texas chapters) through which women function collectively to protect their industry, work toward solutions of beef cattle problems, and to inform consumers of the importance of the industry and of the contributions it makes to the economy of the nation.” 

“I began this journey going back to school to finish the last two years of my degree,” explains Casey. “My initial major was in Ag Economics until I ended up taking an animal science class as an elective – and discovered my passion. I immediately knew I had to double major and that led me to joining the Texas Aggie CattleWomen Collegiate Chapter.  I worked my way through numerous officer positions and served as President prior to graduating.”  

She has served on the Executive Board for Texas CattleWomen for the last nine years, holding positions that have included Vice President and President. She is also on the Board of Directors for American National Cattle Women, currently serving as the Vice President.  

Casey, who lives in Rosanky, a small Texas community just south of Bastrop, has launched and provided leadership (President) of the South Central CattleWomen chapter that serves Bastrop and surrounding areas.  

In fact, through her involvement with Texas CattleWomen over the last decade, Casey has helped start six new local chapters throughout Texas, expanding and strengthening the organization’s mission.

In addition to assembling and expanding this network of women in the beef industry, Casey truly enjoys providing grilling education classes to the public. Sharing information about the benefits of beef as part of a healthy diet along with practical cooking tips and techniques are all essential to the mission of Texas CattleWomen. 

“As a previous intern at Texas Beef Council, part of my duties included helping grill master Jerry McPherson with the Grilling 101 program,” Casey explains. “I learned a lot of hands-on skills that semester – from cooking methods and presentation skills to the logistics of planning an event. Later, I had some additional trainings with Jerry and now, at Texas CattleWomen, we have our own trainer and grills and I go out to put on the Grilling 101s myself for local chapters, 4H groups, schools, businesses, and other groups in the community that want learn more about beef and grilling.”

Casey’s favorite thing about the beef industry is being surrounded by like-minded individuals. 

“The women I have met along the way have been amazing. It’s empowering to surround yourself with people who are passionate about the same things you are. Since I have been involved, I have seen interest in the beef industry increase with both my mother and 12-year-old daughter, Mattie,” Casey says.

“While my grandparents owned cattle, it wasn’t until recently that my mom purchased some cattle of her own. Even my daughter has one head of cattle and, along with my mom, goes out to feed them and check on their needs. Seeing them becoming involved in an industry that I am passionate about has filled my heart with joy.”

When it comes to putting beef on the family table (or heading out to a restaurant), Casey says she’s definitely a “steak kinda girl” with her favorite cut being a grilled New York Strip.

“When I’m in a burger mood and near my old stomping grounds” she says, “nothing beats Koppe Bridge in College Station, which has the best burger basket around! I get mine with a side of ranch for the burger and fries.”

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